Membership & Challenges

Here you will find the memberships and challenges offered by Kathie. Scroll down or click the links for all the information!

  • Life Coaching Challenges Kathie assists you in finding your why through challenges and inspirational guidelines.

  • Nutrition guidance where we learn all about conscious eating, intermittent fasting and more

  • Build a Better Booty Challenge is a 12 week program designed just for you to help build and tone your glutes. Learn all about how and why this helps your body and transition your shape. 

Kathie's Coaching Challenges

Here you will find the building blocks of success. Are you struggling to build good habits? Are you finding excuses for everything? Or maybe just little excuses here and there. These challenges will drastically change your life for the better! Did you know that creating good habits are the ground work for EASY problem solving? Click the links below to find out what these challenges are all about and how to help you get on the right life track.

  • 10 Day Challenge - How To Create Good Habits that Last. 

  • Take a 7 day mental diet to the next level with this challenge!

  •  What is your Why 7 day challenge!

Click the links below for more information. See you inside!! Kathie :)


Don't think this challenge is just for 20-something. Remember I am in my 50s and I do these workouts!! Click here for benefits.


As we age we tend to lose balance, stability, mobility of the hips, pain in the knees and ankles, and more! This challenge will focus on sculpting and strengthening one of most important and by far the largest and strongest muscle groups in the body!


Strong glutes and hamstrings can help improve posture, alleviate lower back, hip and knee pain, improve bone density, and even help eliminate that stubborn abdominal pooch, It can provide insight to strength imbalances.

Glute training will shape and tone our derrieres to create an aesthetic we can all get "behind". Click the link below for more information. 

This challenge is perfect for those who have hit a plateau (very fit) to those who need to get back into the gym and on a great workout. It is low impact and high intensity but don't let the word scare you. It is for those who have been told they better get fit or else! It is easy really. There are 2 strength training days and 5 cardio/walking days. Anyone who needs to improve their fitness level can benefit from this challenge. Click the link below for more info. Or buy now. 14 day money back guarantee! Satisfaction guaranteed!


Here you will find all the challenges and membership guides for nutrition guidance. Abs are made in the kitchen. But it doesn't have to be difficult. Follow the guidance given by Kathie and the challenges laid out to learn all about how to fuel your body and have fun!! **No diets to follow or follow a diet you prefer. Kathie teaches a different way in that she gives you power to understand how and when to eat.

Join the individual challenges or all of them for one cost.

Click the link below for more information. See you inside!! Kathie :)

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