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Sugar Land, TX USA


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Starter Membership

This is the place to start and find all the information you need to be on your way to the perfect wellness routine for you!!

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Food is fuel. Here you will receive easy guidance on everything from intermittent fasting to meal prepping to macros, including monthly recipes. By prepping your meals you will find a much better control over your eating habits. It just might be the very thing to help you over the hump! Tips and recipes here!

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

You want to know exactly where to start on your cardiovascular exercise and this is the perfect place to learn what you need. Cardiovascular exercise is the core of your fitness. If your lungs and heart are working properly then the rest of your fitness will fall into place. Learn everything you can about cardio exercise here.

Image by Danielle Cerullo

Did you know that muscle weighs more than fat? That you burn 2 calories per day per pound of fat and 35-50 calories per day per pound of muscle. Strength training is a must! Learn how to strengthen your bones, improve your posture and tone up those loose areas by joining this program.

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Do you struggle with booty sag? Or maybe you've lost inches in the booty. Do you have cellulite on the back of your legs? Well worry no more. Taking time to focus and train the glutes can provide valuable insight into strength imbalances. Not to mention glute training will shape and tone our derrieres to create an aesthetic that we can all get "behind." 

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As an extra, if you prefer, you will be assigned your very own personalized workout and/or nutritional program. Here we will keep you on track with personalized program designed to fit your needs. You can use the app, take it to the gym or use it at home. Meals are easy to input too. It's a win-win deal!!