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Sugar Land, TX USA


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Slow Train Strength training really is the Perfect Workout.

A high-intensity, low-impact program known as slow-motion strength training, in which gradually lifting and releasing weights without the aid of rest or momentum brings the muscles to exhaustion. It is difficult. It is only 20 minutes. And for effective results you only need to do this workout 2 times a week.

During this 4 week challenge you will have 2 strength training days and 5 cardio days. This is perfect for beginners, newbies to exercise, those in rehab or trying to get back to fitness and wellness.

I even do this type of training when I hit plateaus or need something new. It is incredible. That's why I am sharing it here!

Slow Train Strength training has proven to have the following  benefits:

  • Exercising your muscles at a slow pace, with virtually no momentum, reduces the possibility of common exercise related injuries.

  • Increased bone density

  • Reversed osteoporosis

  • Improved Cholesterol levels

  • Lowered blood pressure

  • Reduced low back pain

  • Better sleep

  • Decreased stress levels and more!

You won't get big and bulky by lifting weights. You will get slim and tone. You will feel healthy too!

Don't be scared! This will be fun!

You will have support and be a part of the membership page too!

  • All of your workouts are on the app IOS and Android

  • Easy to take with you with instructions and videos on how to perform each exercise.

  • You will have support from Kathie your Certified Fitness Trainer

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • 14 day money back guarantee

  • What do you have to lose?

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Don't wait another day, tolerating the pain, and heartache. Start now and find your path to healthy!