Workouts for last 2 weeks

Due to the Astros winning the World Series my workouts were a little funky. But last week I got back on track. I acutally worked out all 7 days! Plus my gym is back up and running after the flood in August. I am so happy about that.

November 5-November 11

Sunday: Back/Bis and Abs

Monday: Chest/Tris

Tuesday: Glutes/Hamstring focus

Wednesday: Shoulders/Abs

Thursday: Back/Bis

Friday: Chest/Tris

Saturday: Legs/Quad focus

Preworkout - Hot lemon water and Mesomorph

Intra-workout - Xtend Go BCAAs

Protein - Rule 1

November 12-November 18

Sunday - OFF

Monday - Shoulders/Abs

Tuesday - Legs/Hamstring focus

Wednesday - Chest/Tris

Thursday - Back/Bis

Friday - Shoulders/Abs

Saturday - Legs/Quad focus/Calves

Preworkout = Hot lemon water and Limitless

Intra-workout - Xtend Go BCAAs

Protein - Rule 1


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