Workout plan for the week

I did not post my workout plan for the week so here ya go. For the week of October 15-21:

Sunday - Back and Biceps

Monday - Off day

Tuesday - Chest and Triceps

Wednesday - Glutes with Hamstring Focus

Thursday - Shoulders and Abs (400 crunches)

Friday - Back and Biceps

Saturday - Glutes with Quad Focus and Calves

Last week I did 2 chest and triceps days, this week I am doing 2 back and biceps days, next week I will do 2 shoulder/ab days and start again with ch/tris, back/bis, shoulder/abs.

Cardio at least 2 times during the week and I did complete this by doing the stairs HIIT 10 minutes on Tuesday and 20 Minutes on Thursday. I also warm up on the bike for at least 5 minutes before every workout except leg day in which I warm up with a glute activation program either on the treadmill or mat/standing with heavy band.


Hot lemon water first thing in the morning

Pre-workout Limitless from Innovapharm in cotton candy

Intra-workout Scivation Xtend BCAAs in fruit punch

Protein Rule 1 Blended Whey in cake batter

Finaflex Active Multivitamin for men and women

Hair, skin and nails vitamin, probiotic, and lyseine

Meal prep: (I always make the same thing adding different veggies in here and there to help with vitamin and mineral variation)

Turkey tacos with homemade pico

Baked chicken breast in salad

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