Workout Plan for Oct 29 - Nov 4

"If you fail to plan, plan to fail."

This week the Astros are in the World Series. It is now set to go to game 7. Kind of sad about that because this has been stressful for the fans and we should have won last night. You can thank Reddick for that or Fox Sports and the commercials planned. However, it will be over tonight! I have let go of a lot of expectations after the loss last night and I will be fine tonight either way. It has been one awesome year and the Dodgers have been a great competitor. Tonight, the best team will win. But in my heart it will always be the Astros.

Having said all that I have my workouts to return to. No excuses any more. I even worked out this morning. I am getting back to it. Mostly because I ate too much junk yesterday for Halloween. I need to stick to my routine and this is it for this week:

Sunday - Back/biceps cardio

Monday - OFF day

Tuesday - Legs with a quad focus

Wednesday - Chest/triceps

Thursday - Shoulders abs and cardio

Friday - Legs with a hamstring focus

Saturday - Chest/triceps

Next week I will do 2 back and biceps days and Sunday will be back/biceps.

Supplements used:

Pre-workout - Limitless

Intra-workout - Scivation extend Go BCAAs

Protein - either Rule 1 Isolate or Rule 1 Blended Whey

No meal prep this week. I don't like this but Sunday was an absolute crazy day. I had the Texans game at 3pm then the Astros played a crazy game at 7pm. The game got me so hot I had to hit the gym at 12:30am. I rode the bike and did a little shoulders and abs. Let me just say this, my heart rate on the bike is usually 126bpm max and because I was so upset about my Astros it was between 155 - 165bpm. My max heart rate is technically 168bpm. OMG! However, my heart is healthy and when you train like I do your heart is conditioned differently. Max heart rate is calculated: 220 minus your age. When you are conditioned your heart can be healthy enough to withstand an extra 10bpm. So technically, my max number is 178bpm. More on that in another post. As well as I plan on writing about the effects of adrenaline and heart rate and how it is NOT cardiovascular exercise!

Have a healthy day!

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