Who Do You Watch on Youtube?

Updated: Oct 13, 2017

I get so much inspiration from youtube fitness people. Today I am going to share my top 3 youtube fitness folks that I watch and why I like them.

First Place is a tie but I like each of them for different reasons. Click on the name to find them on youtube.

1. Whitney Simmons. This girl is the bomb. When I first found her I called her workouts plateau busters simply because she shows exercises you may have never tried before. Whitney has such a great personality and her charisma and joy for life is absolutely contagious. "It's a great day to be alive." Is one of her famous sayings.

Pros- She gives excellent voiceovers and discusses how to do each exercise as well as variations for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Sometimes she will just do cardio workouts, sometimes she will do upper body (not enough) and sometimes she will do lower body - um let's make that a lot of times. But I find most girls on-line nowdays only care about building the peach. However, Whitney does love building the shoulder boulders. She does do a monthly favorite video, meal-prep videos and sometimes does a clothing or make-up video. She is really good. And the thing I love best about her (as opposed to 99% of the vloggers out there is she does not talk to the camera about her life and what is going on for long moments on end. Those vloggers usually lose me at "here's where I went today...", while they walk or drive about town talking to a camera. Whitney does not do that. Here is a shoulder workout from Whitney.

2 Sami Bossert. Sami is the cutest thing since they invented skittles. She has the body to die for, especially the peach. Sami knows her stuff and the advice she gives is awesome. What I love best about her is she preaches proper form. Her voiceovers are spot on and her exercises are excellent with a capital E! I am still in the process of watching her workouts and I can tell you they are really great! I have yet to find one that is not. Sami is one of the only women vloggers (besides Whitney for the most part) that does equal muscle group workouts. And if you do one of her complete workouts, which are VERY long, you will be getting an excellent workout. I mean that girl works! And she works very hard! The only con I have about Sami is she does talk to the camera too long. But hey, just fast forward cuz it's worth it. However, if you do that you may miss something important about the workout she's about to do. She is the bomb dot com. Here is one of my favorite workouts of Sami's - it is abominals.

3. Steve Cook. Steve is an awesome trainer. When Steve teaches you about a muscle group he teaches you the how and the why. The why is often left out in the fitness industry. I am a nerd in that I love that kind of thing. For example today he dropped a video on chest. Here's the link to that. It is extremely informative. This is why I watch him. A con for him is he can get kind of creepy and talk to much about male sex anatomy and his girlfriend's body. Um, I just fast forward or drop the video at that time.

I do get asked from time to time if I'd ever do youtube. I never say never but I seriously doubt it. No one wants to see a 52 year old workout. Well my mom wants to see my workouts but she's my mom. lol ------ I am way okay with that. I love to write and that's where I'll stay. I am in the best shape of my life and I feel great. I don't look 52 but I also don't look 27 - NOR DO I WANT TO! I am happy to be me. And it's a great day to be alive!

Happy training, Kathie

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