What is Your Vibration? Regarding Complainers

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

How do you deal with complainers? Kathie's Coaching

Do you ever find yourself stuck amidst complainers? And you think to yourself, this is messing up my vibration. Think again. Re-frame that situation.

Abraham says that anytime we feel out of vibration or start to feel uneasy about someone it is because we are not seeing them the way our Higher Being sees them. I've heard Ester say, "Don't you know what that person did Abraham?" Or "Didn't you see what that person did to me?" Or "don't you hear how awfully they complain about everything." And Abraham always responds, "Get into alignment with your Higher Being. Your Higher Being sees them as pure and innocent as you." That is a great feeling. That is unconditional love.

It becomes easy to interact with others kindly when you get into alignment with your Higher Being and start to think that way. Those thoughts that you think are so much more peaceful and relaxing. When you feel unease it is due to the fact that you are out of alignment.

Eckhart Tolle quote and Kathie's Coaching

So, let's say you are around someone who is complaining and there is nothing you can say to them to get them to STFU! As Eckhart states in this quote: "When you complain you make yourself a victim." And victim vibration feels horrible to be around. How do you respond? DRAW BOUNDARIES with the help of your Higher Being.

What works for me is to listen to the person complain but do not respond. Vadim teaches us in Reality Transurfing to become the quite observer. Sit back and pretend you are watching a TV show. Let the person go on and on and complain. Something magical will happen when you do this. Or maybe it's not magic per say but it has to do with victim-hood.

Victims love to complain. What they want is someone to jump on their bandwagon and complain with them. Instead sit back and observe and simply nod your head and display that you are listening. Do not join in their pity party by complaining with them. All of a sudden they will stop! Don't offer advice either. A victim will quickly jump to a victimizer if you do not join in their pity party. You are simply not enabling them and they go in search for someone who will join them in the pity party.

This is the nature of a pendulum. And how do you stop a pendulum sway? You observe it. Become the silent observer. It works better than you know. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself.

What is your vibration? How do you handle complainers successfully?

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