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Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Loss of a pet Kathie's Coaching

This article was posted by one of my friend's on Facebook and I clicked it due to my interest on this topic. The title: "Losing a Pet is More Painful Than Most People Think."

I clicked it in hopes it offered a solution to this pain. I was very disappointed to find it ONLY spoke about the horrible event of your pet dying.


Talk about a pendulum! The pendulum here is pulling at your heart strings (energy) and trying, ever so desperately to get you to swing to the dark side of the depressing event. *Example of a pendulum.

They actually state in the article and I quote: " Losing a pet is, and always will be, a traumatic and painful experience for everyone."

Really? The loss of a pet is and always will be a traumatic and painful experience for everyone?!

In terms of Transurfing: I THINK NOT!

Let me explain. As in my Instagram post today the quote states: "Tell yourself that everything is unfolding as it should. It is up to you whether you choose to delight or suffer." -Vadim Zeland

I don't know about you but I choose not to suffer! And because I choose that I was lead to a wonderful podcast that explained about the death of a pet from a pet perspective and it totally resonated with me and gave me peace of mind in my knowing!

Here is a link to that podcast:

Rose Proud, the guest on the podcast, is a Certified Animal Communicator. She came on the podcast listed above to discuss how to telepathically communicate with our pets. Rose is a Certified Hypnotherapist and has studied energy healing, meditation, natural medicine and remedies, along with numerous spiritual growth practices. But throughout her entire journey of personal growth, Rose has always felt a particular affinity for the energy of animals.

Click Here for a link to her website.

What I took from this podcast, in a nutshell, and how to raise your vibration from victim of a pet's death to victor: Our pets are sent to protect us and teach us lessons and they know this with all their hearts. Almost as a guardian angel of sorts. They do not view death as we do. Pets stay in our lives for a very short time (i.e. most live spans consist of a maximum of 15-20 years). We are going to out-live our pets. This is a simple fact. Why not view death the way that they do? They view it is as their time here is limited and they are sent to protect us and teach us lessons. When their work here is done, they transition ('everything is unfolding as it should")

Their energy is always with us - forever! This is why those dreams of death of loved ones include animals - and lots of them at that! Please read my blog post here, you will see that Hayley did in fact see a horse that transitioned and other animals as well.

Now I am not saying that I will not be sad when my beloved Rusty or Sadie transition - or any other pet for that matter. But I sure have a peace of mind knowing what I now know! I will honor their lives as they were meant to be - my guardian, my love - and oh so valuable were the lessons!

Let's re-frame this article listed at the top and stop the pendulum sway. Let's choose to take delight in this wonderful world we are blessed to be a guest to. It is all in the attitude you choose you know!

Until next time, Much love, Kathie

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