What is All the Hype About?

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

I am talking about Plexus, Thrive and ItWorks! These items are a scam plain and simple. Why? Bottom line it is Multi-Level Marketing and look at the picture above and all the “friends” you have to step on to get to the top. Oh but you are helping that “friend” by supporting her “home business.” Yeah right, NOT!

Poop emoji on MLM with Kathie's Coaching

You know that emoji of poop? Well that is you at the bottom of that emoji if you are into these scams. Because you are paying an arm and a leg for supplements you can get at your local supplement store, or better yet, online at supplement stores for 70-80% less too!! If you are into any one of these supplement companies you have been brainwashed. Don't worry I have been there before. And I have seen many others go to the dark side, only to return later.

Let’s start with the Plexus Slim aka “pink drink”. While this drink is good and could be productive - if you are eating right, which you should be anyways. It is productive because it wakes you up and makes you aware. There are better, less expensive products out there.

One of the key ingredients in Plexus is Dimethyamylamine (DMAA) which “medically looks” like amphetamine. Yikes! I wouldn’t say this is a good thing.

However, I take DMAA in one of my pre-workouts. I take Mesomorph by APS. Here’s a link:


The reviews and information I have read on this pre-workout is it can be taken in small doses for the same effect you get with Plexus.

  • Cost? $34.95 for 25 “full” servings.

So if you were to take 1/4 serving or 1/4 scoop you’d get 100 servings at only 11 cents a day for a 30 day supply.

  • Plexus cost is $84.95 for 30 days worth of servings.

That is $2.83 per serving. While you will not get everything from the pre-workout and I do not really recommend this as a daily use or to use if you are not working out, it will give you the same “feel good” effect, which is what suckers people into using this product.


Why? Because your body builds a tolerance to DMAA and other products in Mesomorph AND PLEXUS.

Oh but wait, they don’t tell you that. Why? Because it is a MLM and a scam and they want your money, more of the brainwashing.

So you need vitamins too. Why not take a multi vitamin? And with all the extra cash you’ll have by not using Plexus or Thrive you’ll have plenty to spend on the vitamins. 

  • Here is a simple vitamin Opti-Women Cost is only $16.19 for a two month supply which comes out to about 25 cents a day. So now we are at 25 cents a day as opposed to $2.83 per day.

“Oh but wait,” says the Plexus Ambassador with a rainbow icon….”What about your pro-biotic? You need OURS because it is an excellent add-on to our products. And OUR product dissolves perfectly in your stomach and can work through all that acid to get into your intestinal tract. And this is proven effective by our pill dissolving test in water. There is NO WAY your  product Kathie, works this effectively.”

Oh okay, says Kathie the trainer who’s investigated products to a tee. My little probiotic costs less than $28 for two month's supply or 50 cents a day. And here’s a novel idea, how about taking that probiotic on an empty stomach to avoid the acid all together. Funny, that is what the directions tell you to do.

It Works! is also culprit

BTW It Works! is also a culprit to the same thing about their probiotic. Both Plexus and ItWorks! probiotic cost is $39.95 for a month supply.That is another 75 cents a day, added onto your $2.83.

Keep your cash instead of spending it on MLM with Kathie's Coaching

Did I mention this is conveniently put on auto-ship for you via any of these MLM companies aka Thrive, Plexus, ItWorks!?

So, to get down to it, Plexus MLM lovers are spending a whopping: $6.49 per day or $194 per month.
When you could get the same thing for a just $1 per day or $30 per month.
  • Here’s how I came up with those numbers: Plexus Slim + Accelerator is $115 per month, add on your Bio Cleanse at $39.95 per month and your X Factor Vitamin at $39.95 per month and you get $194.95 per month.

  • Mesomorph pre workout for one month (cycle off every 2 months, depending on how you cycle) $3 per month, Vitamins $15 per month and Pro-biotic $10 per month or a total of $28 per month.

OMG that is less than the vitamins OR probiotics and we are talking total. I said OR meaning on or the other not both of them together.

Plexus/Thrive works for ONE reason ONLY it makes people more aware and it is good.

But wouldn’t you rather be more aware at a cheaper cost and stop buying into their MLM scam??

Be aware of how much sugar you are putting into your body, be aware of how you feel after eating a high fat high carb diet, be aware of how you feel when you fuel your body with healthy clean foods, be aware of how you feel after a great workout, be aware of how much money you are spending on products that; if you do your research, you can find at a supplement store for a much cheaper cost. Think of all the things you could buy with the money you’ll be saving.

I have seen many ItWorks!, Plexus and Thrive marketers on my social media come and go. They jump on the band wagon but jump off all of a sudden. Why? Because the cost is just too expensive and more people are becoming aware of the pyramid scam.

As a certified fitness trainer I have been approached by many a company to sell their products through the years. And I’ll admit I fell for Thrive at one point in time. But I wised up to the scam and never ever again will I fall for a MLM pyramid scheme. I’ll stick with my online supplement store and my research.

Read this thorough information on Plexus.


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