What is a 1 Rep Max

What is a 1rpm?

You may have heard me mention a 1 rpm before, especially when talking about program design for my clients and how hard you need to work.

A 1 rep max is basically how much you can maximally lift doing 1 repetition. It is a test trainers use to see how to challenge their clients. I can usually spot it on my client by checking their form and their process of lifting. However, it is often good to test this to make sure you are challenging yourself enough.

Remember that I said in this blog post that you need to lift about 70% of your 1rpm to get adequate release of cortisol and other benefits of exercise? Well this is very true. Are you pushing yourself hard enough? Probably not.

For example, (and for ease of demonstration) my 1 rpm on bench press is 100 pounds. So for me to get adequate work I need to bench press around 70 pounds which is 70% of my 1rpm.

How are you challenging yourself? Do you know what your 1rpm is?

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