Watch the Biggest Loser But Use Caution!

The Biggest Loser is back! I watch it for professional reasons but I see one thing seriously wrong with this show!

You cannot train someone who just left the couch as an athlete. -Kathie Owen. CFT since 2002.

The show may really have some excellent points. I tell my clients and those who follow my blog to watch the show but use caution!!

Bob Harper is back as the MC of the show. He was an original "trainer" on the show. I put "trainer" in quotes because that term is used loosely.

Back in 2017 the Biggest Loser Trainer Bob Harper had a heart attack. I wrote a blog post on this topic at that time. Here is my link to the post (opens in a new tab so you can come back to this). You will quickly see Bob is not my favorite trainer and neither is the show!

I stated in that post: "Do not view Bob as a fitness expert because he “looks” fit and “acts” like a personal trainer. He is in show business for a reason and to me, it is obvious. There are other factors to look at here. "

I also stated: " Google “Bob Harper and drug use” you will find he is the main affiliate in the drug use scandal on the show the Biggest Loser back in 2016, which however, we hear nothing about now. Can you say swept under the rug?! Um,,,, the contestants claim that they were given, “Adderall and ‘yellow jackets’ — pills that contain ephedra extract. Ephedra is used to promote weight loss and boost energy, and was banned by the FDA in 2004.” This taken from the New York Post article on the scandal that rocks the Biggest Loser. Click Here to read that article now. ****Ephedra extract will damage the heart.**** There is no doubt about it. Now I am not saying Bob Harper used diet pills but if he asked his clients to do this who knows what he would do for himself?!"

The show is back with new trainers and I think a somewhat new and improved platform. It has moved from NBC to USA Network. I am sure NBC dropped it for a reason!! I already follow and really like Steve Cook on YouTube. I share his workouts with my boys, ages 24 and 22. Steve really does know his stuff and promotes the healthy lifestyle in a great way. I like how he teaches his workouts and I have yet to see him teach improperly. I hope he can change the perspective of the show. But I am not expecting much. 😂

Somebody please mention heart rate!!! And that these trainers have doctors on staff while they are training these folks!!

Last night they had both teams run a mile, and the team that won got a 6 pound advantage over the other team.

Please note: Trying to run a mile when you weigh a lot and are out of shape is NOT the way to introduce fitness to someone who just got off of the couch!!!!
I can't stress that enough.

The only positive I see is Steve Cook is on the show. I watch for professional reasons only. I hope it inspires people in a positive fashion but I fear they teach from couch-to-athlete and we simply cannot train like that. I will be watching and blogging about it in the next few weeks.

#BobHarper #SteveCook #BiggestLoser #BeAware #BeSafe

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