Trust The Process

My friend and therapist, Shary grew up in Alvin, Texas in the late 60s. Alvin was known for it’s rice crops back before Houston growth overtook the community. Rice fields had  ponds in the middle of the field. There happen to be several of these ponds throughout the crops to irrigate the never ending supply of water needed to grow rice.

A few of Shary’s friends were playing in these fields one summer afternoon. A pair of siblings fell into two of these camouflaged ponds, a brother and sister. The brother whaled around and fell victim to the panic and fear of his human body. The sister however, survived because she did not panic and remained calm and relaxed. She was rescued several hours later.

What does this mean? Well, to me it means to remain calm and have faith and trust that the truth will bubble up one day. This “circumstance” is just a process I must go through to learn the lesson put before me. Trust the process.

Each of us is confronted with situations and circumstances that cause us discomfort. But to grow we must leave our comfort zone, learn the lesson, and move forward.

The company who "owns" my house is named JSUS. Yes that stands for Jesus. *insert eye roll. My house is basically being stolen from me. The mortgage is in my name but someone who I thought was helping me transferred the title without buying it from me. This someone is a judge and an attorney and I trusted them. I seriously thought they bought my house and helped me out. No, in fact they did not. When I went to look to get funding to buy a new house I found out they never bought my house. The house went into a legal battle and 2018 turned out to be quite tumultuous to say the least.

I was also wrongfully evicted from the house because I was in a legal battle over it. The "judge" could easily get away with this wrongful eviction in a good ole boy Texas town.

However, I now live in a beautiful home and a wonderful location - especially compared to that house. But the mortgage is still in my name. Yes, it is sticky and a shitty situation to say the least.

And to think JSUS is involved in this. Talk about taking the lord's name in vain. We'll leave that for another blog post. Just know I struggle with words like god and jesus, even though I have an awesome relationship with both of them. I will stay with the Universe for now.

The Universe gave me this advice which I now share with you: this too shall pass my friend. Trust the process and do not struggle or panic so as to create a situation where you drown.

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