This Made Me Change my Mind

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

This made me change my mind, with Kathie's Coaching

The other morning I went to workout with my youngest son. He told me about a podcast that I might enjoy. The podcast was Joe Rogan's Experience interview with David Goggins. Click Here to listen to it now. David Goggins is an exceptional human being. He ran 100 mile runs 8 weekends in a row. WTF? Who does that? Is that humanly possible? Turns out it is.

This took reality creation to a whole new level!!! And it opened my mind to new things. Something I have been studying on a personal level.

During this podcast you will hear about how David created his own reality through using his mind and totally transformed his life. He also does so in extreme fashion. He does not give up - ever!!! He uses his past failures and hurts as fuel for his fire. He works hard every day and does not give up. I mean the man ran 100 miles in 19 hours - after a grueling workout the night before hand. Also, he stretches and works on range of motion for 2 hours every single day. He also says there are days he does not want to do it, but he focuses in his mind and gets up and goes. Very inspirational indeed. I mean a rest day for him is running 10 miles!! Wow!! I am thoroughly impressed. He has gone from 290 pounds to 185 pounds twice in his life as well. And all without the help of trainers.

Oh, the guy had a hole in his heart and ran the day of his surgery. Wow!

See how this changed my mind?

Here's another thing, I am practicing the 30 day anomalous challenge with the Reality Transurfing group on Facebook. This means I am open every single day to thinking outside my box and trying something new or thinking a new thought. I worked out with my 21 year old son at 6 am on a day I wanted to really sleep in. Then he told me about this podcast. I was then lead to a new way of thinking. I am still processing and building on this as well.

What do you think of this? How are you challenging yourself today?

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Have an awesome day!!! Until next time, Kathie :)

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