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There is this book called The Rules. It is titled "The Rules, Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right." I read this book a very long time ago and it really does stand true and I advise women I know who "chase guys" or "pick the wrong guy" to read and study this book as the rules really do work. But recently I figured out why they work and it ALL has to do with the law of attraction and basically how the Universe works. You could call it the Rules of the Universe. lol

My best friend in college turned me onto this book when she told me her friend Jamie, a nerdy rocket scientist (literally) attracted this hot astronaut of a husband. She did it by playing by the rules 100%. This really is a true story as my friend worked at NASA. The couple is still married to this day.

There are energies on this planet and masculine and feminine energies are the complete reason why this book works. If you follow the rules for feminine energy you will win the masculine energy every time.

It is actually quite fun and does pan out every single time. It is the law of attraction and that is why. When you get into a flow what you want will come to you. This is because you are not chasing them, you are interested in your own life, you are not needy, you are busy doing your own thing. This makes you more attractive to masculine energy which is an energy of chasing, taking care of things, and needing to work for what it wants. It's basic.

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. Are you currently in a relationship? The Rules still apply. There is a book The Rules for Married Women.

Here are the table of contents for the book:

Be a “Creature Unlike Any Other"

Don't Talk to a Man First (and Don't Ask Him to Dance)

Don't Stare at Men or Talk Too Much

Don't Meet Him Halfway or Go Dutch on a Date

Don't Call Him and Rarely Return His Calls

Always End Phone Calls First

Don't Accept a Saturday Night Date after Wednesday

Fill Up Your Time before the Date

How to Act on Dates 1, 2, and 3

How to Act on Dates 4 through Commitment Time

Always End the Date First

Stop Dating Him if He Doesn't Buy You a Romantic Gift for Your Birthday or Valentine's Day

Don’t See Him More than Once or Twice a Week

No More than Casual Kissing on the First Date

Don't Rush into Sex and Other Rules for Intimacy

Don't Tell Him What to Do

Let Him Take the Lead

Don't Expect a Man to Change or Try to Change Him

Don’t Open Up Too Fast

Be Honest but Mysterious

Accentuate the Positive and Other Rules for Personal Ads

Don’t Live with a Man (or Leave Your Things in His Apartment)

Don't Date a Married Man

Slowly Involve Him in Your Family and Other Rules for Women with Children

Practice, Practice, Practice! (or, Getting Good at The Rules)

Even if You're Engaged or Married, You Still Need The Rules

Do The Rules, Even when Your Friends and Parents Think It's Nuts

Be Smart and Other Rules for Dating in High School

Take Care of Yourself and Other Rules for Dating in College

Next! and Other Rules for Dealing with Rejection

Don't Discuss The Rules with Your Therapist

Don't Break The Rules

Do The Rules and You’ll Live Happily Ever After!

Love Only Those Who Love You

Be Easy to Live With

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