The 3 Angles of Back Training

Train your lats right.

There are 3 angles to training back. It is important to add at least one exercise of each to balance out your back training. When I say back I mean the latissimus dorsi or lat muscles.

Here is a picture of the muscle group. There are 3 different ways to train this which are as follows:

1. High: This is done by reaching your arms up high and pulling the weight down. Most of the time this is done on the lat pulldown but you can also do this at a cable machine. I don't recommend using free weights (dumbbells or barbells) because there is no way to support your back properly and adequately use enough weight. This works the entire muscle and forces the bottom of the muscle to get the end of the work.

2. Mid: This is done by pulling weight parallel with the floor. Most of the time we call this a row and can be done sitting or standing. This works the mid muscle at a perfect angle.

3. Low: This is done by pulling the weight vertical from the floor as in a bent over row. This also works the muscle in a different way and kicks in more of the middle of the muscle.

When you train back at these 3 different angles you create a well-rounded muscle. This is important because it helps where you may have imbalances. It also enables you to train the muscle to look better because it is balanced.

Did you know that all muscles need to be trained at all different angles? This helps with posture, balance and aesthetics. Need help designing the perfect program for you? Contact me at

Have a healthy day! Kathie :)

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