Stop Resistance by Doing This

Stop Resistance by doing this. with Kathie's Coaching

Resistance, it is everywhere today. I honestly think resistance is just a pendulum that wants our energy. Your state of consciousness, and what creates the ugly reality that is going on in your world today revolves around the pendulum of resistance. Just search your twitter right now with  #resist. Notice #resist is flooded with people who “hate” <and that is such a strong, negative word> President Trump.  The tweets that go with #resist are horrid and such a waste of energy. The horrible thing is that resistance will only grow until one realizes this simple quote and how resistance works.

Resistance to ‘what is’ is a form on attachment. When you become attached to how something should be, to an idea, to a concept, or even a person, there is a fuel there that will grow and grow.

When one resists what constitutes their subjective, and quite possibly faulty, reality they are avoiding it, complaining about it, resenting it, protesting against it, or doing battle with it. Without detachment, their energy and focus is concentrated on not moving beyond what opposes them.  The adverse feelings around resistance involve  fear, shame, pain, or feelings of being hopelessly out of control.

Currently our world is resisting authority, resisting history, resisting differences in each other and this is creating a world full of instability, fear, shame, pain and a feeling of being hopelessly out of control. Why? Because they are resisting what is. Ironically Trump haters have labeled themselves with the hash-tag resist. This is beyond ignorant if you really know how resistance works. And it is one of the fundamental spiritual laws. “What you resist persists.”  Resistance means more of what you resist. Trump haters are in for a world of hurt until they come to awaken to this spiritual truth. So are racists and protestors of any kind.

Resistance is such a waste of energy. Imagine how the world would be if we all just turned that resistance into acceptance, and I mean genuine acceptance, it would be a much more peaceful place. Use that energy towards something more productive because with resistance, you will remain stuck.

Acceptance is the answer. Accept that history is what it is and move past it. It is history and a statue will not change it, whether we remove that statue or not. Notice how I am accepting the statue here either with it or without it. Trump is the president of America whether you resist it or not. And by resisting it you are only creating more of what you resist. Just know he will not always be president. Accept it, move on.

"Happiness is the function of acceptance." -Werner Erhard

It is what it is. Accept it and use that energy towards something that will be

more productive and peaceful in life. #quitresisting

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What else are we resisting? How can we stop the pendulum? Acceptance? Sit back and observe?

#realitytransurfing #acceptance #quitresisting


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