Rest is Just as Important

Let me just say this, I foresee this week as being very busy for me. I am due a rest week so I am thinking this may be it. But rest for me means cardio exercise and late afternoon workouts as opposed to early morning. Why? You ask. Well the Astros are in the World Series my friend. Games 1 & 2 Tuesday and Wednesday, Games 3 & 4 Friday and Saturday. And I have a baby shower early Saturday morning. And of course the Texans game on Sunday but I think this is a later afternoon game. Heck I get tired just thinking about all this fun!

So my plan is this: Sunday - Chest and Triceps, Monday - Off, Tuesday - Shoulders and Abs and Cardio, Wednesday (probably off) but maybe Leg day with Hamstring focus, Thursday - Back and biceps, Friday - Shoulders and Abs, Saturday - Legs with Quad focus.

However, I see my week more like this: Sunday - Chest and Tricpes (done!), Tuesday - Shoulders and Abs and Cardio, Friday - Leg Day Quad focus. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday - Off. If I get an extra day in there I will train Back and Biceps. This would be 4 off days and 3 workout days. This is rare for me. But rest is just as important as working out. I am due for a rest week as I have not rested since Hurricane Harvey back at the end of August beginning of September. We shall see.

This week my supplements are:

Pre-workout Mesomorph - this is my favorite and may just be the reason why I get 5 days of workouts instead of just 3. lol I mean this stuff gets me going!! If you have tried it you know why!

Intra-workout Scivation Xtend Go BCAAs

Protein - Rule 1 blended whey

Go get em! And go Astros!!!

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