Reality Transurfing Rule

"Be yourself and allow others to do the same." -Reality Transurfing Rule

Once you begin to awaken you want others to awaken as well because it feels so divine. However, I have learned that if you try to force someone to see where they are stuck in illusions it will create a polarization and then you will become an outcast. This is why the reality transurfing rule is in place.

I see so many people walking around in illusion. For example, thinking they have cancer due to one doctor's diagnosis. And they actually might really have cancer but this lead to a spiral out of control list of illusions and that person became what I call a glazed doughnut.

What is a glazed doughnut? It is almost like a zombie. That person looks so different today due to the fact that they jumped on the bandwagon of the cancer train. Or whatever train they may be thinking of: illness, debt, loss of loved one (which by the way is not really a loss), anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, frustration, taxes, legal battles, custody battles, divorce and the list goes on and on. It is a downward spiral from there.

But there is no getting them to see it the awakened way. If you force your awakened ideas on those stuck in illusion you will be met with an outcast. Why? Because it is a pendulum rule and pendulums suck the energy out of whoever will listen. Most of the time those who are asleep (aka stuck on that train), are the easiest to get energy from. That is all the pendulum wants anyway.

Staying stuck in the illusion is a choice!

It sucks but I am forced to watch those stuck on the train and headed for disaster due to this very rule. When you talk to these people they look at your advice with eyes glazed over and like a zombie. A lot of times they do not even hear what you said.

You are left to follow the Transurfing Rule: "be yourself and allow others to do the same."

If by chance you are one of those stuck on that train and you made it this far in this blog post - which you probably did not - but look at the following picture of the levels of consciousness and see where you are on there. How are you feeling? Do you want to go to another level? Raise that consciousness? Well, follow me, we can raise the vibration together.

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