Reality Transurfing Post 2

What is reality transurfing? It is a book written by Russian quantum physicist Vadim Zeland that is one of the most truly powerful books ever written about how to transform your life.

This excerpt taken directly from Vadim's website explains it very well:

"Transurfing is a powerful method that will allow you to do the most impossible things (impossible from a normal point of view) – namely, to manage your destiny just the way you like. There will not be any miracles. Something greater is awaiting you. You will be convinced that the unknown reality is much more incredible than any magic."

One thing I like best about the methods laid out by Vadim is he says, "Do not take my word for it. Try it for yourself." Basically proof is in YOU simply trying the methods he describes and see for yourself that it in fact works.

All my writings with Gifts of Detachment come into play in Reality Transurfing. To me it feels like the piece of the puzzle that is missing from my book that now explains everything in complete detail without sounding like a victim. I am in awe!

I am now collaborating with a team of people worldwide in spreading the word about Reality Transurfing. We have started a 20 day program that teaches the principals and actually reads the book to you in 20 days. It will profoundly change your life and your perspective on things if you truly apply what Vadim teaches.

Click Here now to join the 20 day program.

We also have a YouTube Channel where we post daily videos of our collaborators. You can find that channel here. Please feel free to subscribe and learn daily Reality Transurfing lessons.

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