Radical Positive Attitude

"What if the worst thing that happened to you turned out to be the best thing that happened to you?" Dr. Joe Dispenza

In Reality Transurfing this is the Advantage Theory. Zeeland mentions going all out and label every single thing that happens to you as positive. Every. Single. Thing.

When you do this you will find a life altering change. This is the secret to being happy.

In my book Gifts of Detachment I will demonstrate how I did this in at least 3 times in my life before I even heard of this.

One of those times happened recently. My house is basically being stolen from me. The mortgage is in my name but someone who I thought was helping me transferred the title without buying it from me. This someone is a judge and an attorney and I trusted them. I seriously thought they bought my house and helped me out. No, in fact they did not. When I went to look to get funding to buy a new house I found out they never bought my house. The house went into a legal battle and 2018 turned out to be quite tumultuous to say the least.

I found throughout the process if I listened to my heart, something I now know how to do, I would have saved myself a whole lot of frustration and hurt. It wasn't until September of 2018 that I was actually being evicted from my home - wrongfully so but it still happened - that I let go. It was one of the very worst things I ever experienced in my life. Ever.

However, like Dr. Dispenza says, "What if the worst thing that happened to you turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to you." Talk about perspective.

After that day I let go and it actually felt so good, so right. I actually looked at it as a good thing. I let go of every single thing I thought about the process. Once I did this my life radically changed.

I now live in a beautiful home, in an awesome location. This transpired in a matter of weeks. I also began changing my life in dramatic fashion after finding Aaron Doughty on YouTube and then stumbling on Reality Transurfing. I am seriously flooding my mind with these things.

I recently got my life coaching certification. My boys were both home for the weekend this past weekend. And I am manifesting things much quicker with a whole lot more ease.

Why? Well I know it had to do with letting go of everything. I also put a positive twist on ALL events in my life. No matter what! It makes life so much better. It opens so many more doors and makes every single thing simple.

Face life with a radical positive attitude. I am not saying go around being a polly ana and fake it. But do it with a sincere heart. Like I did with my house. Once I let go it all just felt better. It was a gift of detachment. ;)

Look at whatever happens as a positive. Are you sick? What are you to learn from it? Did someone close to you die? Choose to see it as a good thing. You were lucky to have them in your life for as long or as little as you did. What did you learn from having them in your life? Was someone mean to you? Where is your power in that? What can you learn from it? Is someone stealing your home? Lots of money for just a piece of paper? Well, think of it as a good thing and something better will fall into your lap. That is if you have the right attitude and it comes from your heart. Quit thinking things need to be the way you think it should. Should is a dirty word.

It happened to me.

Take a positive spin on every single thing.

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