Projection is A Gift From the Universe

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Projection is a gift from the universe. It helps you to know what the other person is doing. - Kathie Owen

Have you ever had someone accuse you of something and you just know that it is not true? Projection turned out to be one of my biggest helpers during my custody battle days. If you look up projection in the psychological dictionary you will find a picture of my ex husband and his wife - sitting on a beach in Hawaii. I am kidding but it is so true. Not kidding about the Hawaii part though, that really happens, in real life ;). They do travel a lot and she enjoys bragging to all her "friends" and "followers". There's a plug for you Janica! :))

Imagine this: someone you are arguing with all of a sudden tells you that you have an ugly black shirt. You are wearing a yellow shirt. Then you look at them and see they are wearing a black shirt. It may be an ugly shirt but that is a matter of opinion. However, they in fact think their shirt is ugly. See how projection works?

When my boys were little Janica accused me of locking the boys in their bedrooms by using a chair to prevent them from coming out of their room. This was supposedly a punishment I gave them. Mind you she was accusing me of this behavior to a "therapist" who then confronted me about this. This type of projection happened many times.

This was projection on her part. Not that she actually did this to the boys but she was probably abused as a child and then projected all her hurt beliefs of parenting onto me. If you look at it like this it is sad. #giftofdetachment

Here is how I know for a fact this was projection. The doors in my house opened INTO the room. If I placed a chair under any door it would not prevent them from opening the door from the inside of the room.

Besides the fact that I could not do that in my home, I know I would never do that to a child.

Listen to people when they are accusing you of things. Look deep inside and see if that is in fact what is going on. If it is not true it is projection on their part. Remember this is a gift from the universe. Don't use it to project ugly back on to that person. Use it as the gift that it is. You are being protected by the universe.

Observe behaviors - people reveal themselves to you all the time. ;)

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