Media Affects Your Vibe

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

How often do you watch the news? How often are you checking Facebook? Who do you follow on Instagram? What are you allowing into your vibe?

These are very important questions to ask yourself. How does your vibration feel? Notice how it feels after reading the news - of any kind.

I am very aware of this but just the past couple of days I got sucked into a negative pendulum. I have a friend from high school who is threatening suicide on Facebook. Her posts are off the charts negative and I got sucked into watching the drama.

This friend has done this for years. I tried to help her back in 2015 and her reaction was the same today as it was then. I tried to pull her out of victim mode (like others on her page were doing yesterday) and she did not want to hear it. She only wanted to talk to someone who enabled her victim.

Look at this chart below and you can see where her consciousness is: She is in the low levels of force. She is in what we call the "glazed over" levels because she will not listen to reason. Hmmmm... reason is a power level ;)

I had limited my time on social media prior to this, intentionally keeping my vibes high. But I found myself checking on her regularly. This is how I got sucked into the negative pendulum. If I had stayed where my high vibe had been (off of Facebook) I would have never been sucked into this negative pendulum.

Notice how the news makes you feel. You easily get sucked into the media's awful negative vibe. That's what they want because then they get your energy and attention.

You may wonder, "how will I know what I need to know about what is going on". I can honestly tell you with all my heart that if you need to know you will know. This is called faith and trusting the process. Two of the gifts of detachment. And guess what you'll do in the process? You will be keeping your vibe in a high state. Take it as the Universe protecting you. Because as I always like to say, "why put that negative shit in your mind? what are you going to do with that information anyway?" YOU ARE PROTECTED, HAVE FAITH!

If you see Facebook threats of suicide report it here:

Have a fabulous day! Keep your vibes high!! Much love, Kathie :)

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