Live in Victor

This is probably the most significant gift of detachment. When you think of Victor, what do you see? I think living in Victor is the safest, most peaceful way to live. I picture Morgan Freeman in the movies Evan Almighty or Bruce Almighty. Morgan Freeman plays God in the movie. And Victor is living in God. We all can get there, you just have to get out of ego/fear. Look at Steve Carell’s expression in this picture, it is one of fear. And Morgan Freeman is all relaxed and actually laughing inside. When you watch the movie watch how Morgan Freeman/God teaches people to get out of ego and into Victor. He is Victor. <you’ll want to see the youtube link at the end of this post, it shows Morgan Freeman teaching someone how to get out of victim>

There are only 3 places you could be: it is either Victor, victim or victimizer – period.

Right this minute I want you to think of someone you are angry or have been angry with in the past (even if it is yourself), and I want you to see where you are – Victor, victim, or victimizer. If you are in Victor you are at peace – no matter what.

HOW DOES ONE END THIS CYCLE? OR BREAK THAT FIGURE 8? Along comes Victor. Victor is neither a victim nor a victimizer.

It is easy to live in Victor, especially when you see others living in victim or victimizer. You can pick up on what their personality is telling you. Get in touch with noticing the victim or the victimizer and see how you can stop it from getting out of control. This goes for inner (self) arguments as well.

Once you realize what mode the person is in, try to find a way to let them vent (ego) and then cap it by swallowing your ego and step into Victor. Get out of that vicious cycle and get into peace. It is a much better way to live. It takes time and practice, sometimes lots of time and practice. Pray about it. Faith will always show you a way to Victor. Always.

Funny….Faith is another gift of detachment….:)

One of my favorite parts of the movie Evan Almighty. Watch how God/Morgan Freeman teaches the girl get out of victim:

rts of the movie Evan Almighty. Watch how God/Morgan Freeman teaches the girl get out of victim:


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