Leg Day Oct 11, 2017

Woo hoo! Today was brutal and I am loving it. My legs were shakey but I found stretching for a good 10 minutes was very helpful and hopefully prevent some soreness. Not to mention the BCAAs I drink during workout and the protein I drank afterward. Remember baths in epsom salt are excellent to prevent soreness (DOMS - delayed onset of muscle soreness) too.

Today was Leg Day - Hamstring and Calf focus

Here is my workout, I do four sets of all. Note: a superset is 2 exercises done back to back with a 1-2 minute rest.

Glute Activation: Walk on treadmill with band on legs. Kick back, side walk in squat, other side. 2 minutes each way, 6 minutes total.

Superset 1: (4 sets)

Wide stance squat 70# on the Smith Machine 10 reps

25# plate curtsey squats 8-10 reps per leg

Superset 2: (4 sets)

Good morning with 45# plate 10-15 reps

Stationary lunge with 30# barbell 10 reps per leg

Calf Raises on the stairs 4 sets (this one is really cool)

7 reps toes forward, 7 reps toes outward, 7 reps toes inward - bodyweight

OMG the burn! Learned this one from Steve Cook on youtube

Superset 3: (4 sets)

Cable using rope pull through glute squeeze 32.5# pyramid down 22.5#

Single leg dead lift on platform started with 25# plate down to 15# kettle bell

Stretching 10 minutes

Supplements used:

1st thing - 4 ounces of hot water and 1/2 lemon

Mesomorph pre-workout in snow cone

Scivation Xtend in fruit punch

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