Leg Day Hamstring Focus

So today's workout came at an unusual time for me as I went after my lunch hour since we had a team meeting this morning. I brought my pre-workout with me to work - still on Limitless for the week. And I have my BCAA's intra-workout at work because I usually drink that in the afternoon, and I have my protein with me as well.

Today was a hamstring focus but entire leg and glutes were worked as well. You want to train the hamstrings so you can get that pop in the back of your leg. I call the hamstrings the strings that hold up the ham. I include 2 leg days per week one day I focus on the hamstrings and another day I focus on the quads. I throw in calves every once in a while but do not need to train them often as I have developed calves because I have walked on my tip toes all my life - something my youngest son got from me genetically. I find this very interesting.

A note about training calves, it is super important to keep these muscles strong. If your calves are strong you are less likely to sprain your ankle when you step wrong somehow, like falling off a curb. They will better support you and keep your leg stablized if they are trained and strong. #lessonfortheday

Superset 1: 4 sets

  • Smith Machine Curtsey lunge 8-10 per leg 70#

  • Sumo squats holding 25# plate 10 reps

Superset 2: 4 sets

  • Side lunge 8-10 per leg 25# dumbbell

  • Single leg hip thrusts on bench 25# plate 8-10 reps per leg

Superset 3: 4 sets

  • Single leg deadlift and split squat 20# kettle bell 5-8 reps per leg

  • Cable pull thrus with rope 40# 10 reps


Hip adductor

Hip abductor

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