Keep Your Vibes Way Up

Quick! What emotion are you feeling right now? Right this moment. Are you angry right now? What if I told you there is a way to increase your vibration this very moment. Yes it involves letting go of attachment but give it a try. I mean wouldn't you rather feel peace? The peace that passeth all understanding is at your hands right now, no matter what.

I was listening to Eric Ho on YouTube the other day and he was talking about letting go during chaos. He has become an expert at letting go. I know this because just the day before he filmed this video someone broke into his home and stole over $500,000 of watches. These watches not only cost a lot of money but also had sentimental value to them.

He talked about how he was upset for a moment but quickly let it go. He knows and trusts the Universe. That is how he quickly let go. Here is a link to that video. Could you let go of $500k that easy? I probably couldn't either but I am working on it. I strive to be that calm!

What does that have to do with vibes? A Lot! Look at this picture that I frequently refer to.

If he would have gotten angry he would have lowered his vibration instantly into anger, fear or grief. However, he remained in power and instead kept his vibration in acceptance, reason and maybe even love.

Imagine how you can protect yourself by raising your vibration. I have done it. And let me tell you a little secret. When you raise your vibe the Universe takes care of you and will even show you what the other person is doing or let you in on why this may be happening to you.

Trust the process. It is all good!

Until next time, much love, Kathie

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