It's Just Another Day

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Mother's Day was yesterday and it struck a chord in me for several reasons. One was as just being a mother myself and I am away from both of my boys one of them is emotionally acting out for some reason. The other is because my relationship with my own mother is somewhat estranged. While I thoroughly enjoyed my day I found myself clinging to some old beliefs about the day itself. I also found a gift of detachment in letting go of those beliefs. Here's how I did it.

I read a post on Instagram yesterday by one of the best of the best @the.holistic.psychologist about Mother's Day. The title was "We honor our mothers by releasing ourselves from her inherited emotional pain." She said in her long post "I'll feel the love and gratitude from afar (just as our love has always been) where there once was so much sadness." That is exactly the way I feel about my own mother and my own motherhood, even though I do not express it to either one of those involved.

In the old days I used to hate Christmas and Mother's Day because my ex always made it difficult for me to spend time with my children.....because he could. It was hateful and mean yes. But I found a way to get over it. It is just another day.

Pendulums and societal rules and structures create so much unwanted pain on days like that and we easily relinquish our energy to them. It doesn't have to be that way. Awareness is key. I think of the mothers whose children or mothers have transitioned out of this lifeline and how sad they must view the day. But it is really just another day.

Celebrate what you do have. Send tons of gratitude for the things you do have. And you know what? All those pendulums and society and the structures of the day fall away. It really makes for a much more peaceful life and that is the way it is meant to be.

We aren't meant to be sad and feel things that keep us out of vibrational alignment of the good. So what do we do? Just realize it's just another day and be grateful for what is all about.

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