How to Help Hormone Balance

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Balance your hormones with these tips from Kathie's Coaching

The following tips are all about balancing hormones. As we age our hormones tend to get out of whack. Here are a few tips on how to balance them which can help tremendously with quality of life.

Get consistent, quality sleep. Inadequate or poor-quality sleep has been shown to decrease fullness hormones, increase hunger and stress hormones, reduce growth hormone and increase insulin resistance. I just sent out an email with several of tips to getting quality sleep. Click Here to read it now. If you are not subscribed to my email list be sure to do so HERE.

Manage stress. When under stress our body releases excess cortisol. Cortisol loves to have a party with fat cells in your mid-section. Engaging in stress-reduction behaviors like meditation, yoga, massage and listening to soothing music can help normalize your levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Exercise. I have tons of information on exercise as this is my forte. Performing strength training, aerobics, walking or other forms of physical activity can modify hormone levels in a way that reduces the risk of disease and protects muscle mass during the aging process. For tips on menopause and exercise be sure to bookmark my Blog Category: Menopause.

Eat healthful fats. Including healthy natural fats in your diet and avoiding unhealthy trans fats can help reduce insulin resistance and stimulate the production of hormones that help control appetite.

Eat lots of fiber. High fiber intake has been linked to improvements in insulin sensitivity and the hormones that control hunger, fullness and food intake.

Eat plenty of fatty fish. Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids may help lower cortisol and epinephrine, increase insulin sensitivity and decrease insulin levels in obese and insulin-resistant individuals.

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