How Do You Handle Loss?

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

How do you handle loss? by Kathie's Coaching

If you absolutely adore your pet and feel sad every time you think about them leaving you then you will want to listen to this podcast. If you have ever lost a pet you will want to listen to this podcast. I listened to it over the weekend and thought I'd share. Click Here for the link.

The podcast is a bit esoteric but if you are a reader of mine, you understand this.

Also know that I do not look at death like others. I am not one to sit around and grieve the loss of someone close to me to death. I won't place a Facebook status on their passing except to maybe notify those of their transition. Nor will I walk around for years discussing their transition. I do not look at death like those who do this. And perhaps, if you do this, you might want to open your mind to another perspective. For you are just sending yourself to a negative life-line. And, I guarantee you, your loved ones do not want you to follow. <I digress.>

So I listen to Lightworkers Lounge Podcast on occasion. Stephanie Powers is a huge animal lover and also a light worker. She is an inspiration. I love when she has Rose Proud - Certified Animal Communicator (link to Rose's website), on her show as I always learn something new.

Rusty the rescue dog, rescued in 2011 Kathie's Coaching

I seriously want to talk to Rose and ask if her Rusty ran away from someone when I rescued him, over 8 years ago. I want to now more than ever, because Stephanie's cat ran away and someone thought they were rescuing her. When in fact, she was running away in fear as an incident had happened in which the cat was scared and there was nothing Stephanie could do to help it. I won't spoil it for you! 😉

Rusty has fears of certain things, some are really bad, like being put in a kennel. I often wonder if he was traumatized by someone doing this to him. It makes me sad to think about it. I'd like for Rose to communicate with him and tell him he is okay because I have to crate him from time to time. If I ever do talk to her I will let you know, and link it here.

As you know I am a huge pet lover. I just love my 2 dogs Rusty and Sadie and every other dog I have had before, cat too for that matter!

Enjoy this podcast. Especially if you have ever lost a pet, either physically lost, or the pet transitioned. I think it will put a different perspective in your mind. Here's to all our pets, those who crossed the rainbow bride as well. They are still with us too!!

For more on Stephanie Powers Click Here.

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