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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by someone close to you? Have you ever thought they need to be doing something different? Or do you think they need to take on responsibility for what is going on? If you have ever felt this way your boundaries were probably crossed.

We all need healthy boundaries in our life. Why? The main reason is to protect our energy. We all have a natural energy around us and when we let someone into that sacred space we create an off balance of energy.

Notice the YOU in the first picture. Look at how the energy of the other people are affecting and even blocking out YOUR energy. This happens when we let someone into our thought patterns, expecting that person to be something different or behave differently. What has really happened is YOU allowed it in the first place and YOU need to re-establish those boundaries.

How does one do that? Well, that can be tricky. For example, you have constantly given in to your friend giving them everything they ask for instead of setting clear boundaries and having the other person take responsibility for the thing/thought encroaching on your energy.

The very first thing you need to do when you feel this resonance in your energy is go within. Meditation helps this tremendously. Prayer helps. Gratitude helps. Detachment helps. Clear yourself first. Try talking to the person and explain ways they can take on responsibility for their actions. And actually you don't have to do that. You can meditate about it and the answer will come. If you get in touch with your heart you will find infinite number of ways to deal with this.

In Reality Transurfing this can mean you will resonate at a different level and the way people treat you will be different. This is fine if you don't believe me. I encourage you to try it for yourself.

Try some of Aaron Doughty's free meditations on YouTube. Click Here now for a link to this.

Raise your energy and you will be protected from energy vampires and boundary breakers.

Here's to raising your vibe! Until next time! Kathie :x

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