Gift of Responsibility

Responsibility = your ability to respond.

What do you think of when you think of responsibility? Usually it comes with a negative connotation. I used to think of my mom telling me to be responsible and meaning it in a way that I was being irresponsible - in her eyes. This is a typical pendulum around responsibility or social conditioning. However, I want teach you to change this conditioning because once I did this it changed my life dramatically.

Responsibility is basically your ability to respond. For example, let's say you have a job where you work 9-5 and it is your responsibility to be there Monday through Friday. If you take a negative response to this it will have negative meaning. Let's say it is Monday and you regret going to work that morning - something I see all the time on Facebook. If you have that attitude that is what you will get from it. Just exist until Friday - how lame!

Change your ability to respond and make it positive. Yay, it's Monday, what potential is in this day? What can I contribute to my job to make it fun? I get to go to work today. Instead of I have to go to work today. Quit living for Friday. Change your response to a positive one and your ability to respond changes. When you do this watch how other things flow easily and more positively into your day.

Like this quote says: "Cancel your pity party. Pull yourself together and take total ownership of everything in your life". Once you take ownership for everything you take your power back. Your power lies in your attitude towards life.

Here's another example: Is it really sad that you lost that spouse in a divorce or a break up? How do you know? Take responsibility for your part in the divorce because every divorce has 2 sides and 2 issues at heart and one of those is your responsibility. Perhaps your spouse cheated. Well, that divorce means you can open the doors to someone who won't cheat. Or who knows what doors will open for you now? And when you take responsibility for the fact that the other person cheated you will be less likely to attract a partner who cheats. Why? Because you are at a different vibration.

Take responsibility for every single thing in your life and watch it dramatically change.

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