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Not sure how to start this but I have been feeling a little crummy lately. My vibes are not where I want them to be and I am not totally sure why. Wait, I do know why...let me rephrase that.

My son is off on a new adventure in his life. I am totally happy for him but as with any change there are growing pains. I am very sensitive to his vibes and so often times what he is going through will trigger things in me even if he doesn't tell me what is going on. I am that in tune to him.

The growing pains Kyle has are triggering points for me. One of them is he wants me to travel to see him in June. I may be the weirdest person in the world but I do not like to travel. I actually despise it. I know why, as a child it was forced upon me. We would take long road trips 10-12 hour drives to see my grandparents and those were just miserable. Picture me being the only girl out of 2 boys riding in a car for 12 hours with very minimal stops. By the time we got to our destination the 3 of us kids were sick of each other and more. It was not enjoyable. The. Entire. Trip. Well there were a few fun things: seeing my cousins, hanging out at the seminary, and seeing Nano.

Then I met my kids dad and he loved to travel. He would avoid reality on many occasions and just travel for days on end....because he could. I have been all over the place and to some really fine destinations only to have him yell at me and threaten to send me home. On. Every. Single. Trip.

He was also gross to travel with as he would poop and brag about his poops and his hemorrhoids. Gross! Evidently he still does this to this day. And he would treat the wait staff ugly. I guess he thought his money would allow him to do that. .

I am not too thrilled at travelling to say the least.

Then I am also trying to build my brand, especially my life coaching brand. This is what I am passionate about. But I am overwhelmed at where to begin and how to get my name out there. It doesn't help that every where I turn I see an ad for "build your coaching business" "let me show you how and help save you years of time." WTF I don't have years of time. I want to help people----- yesterday!!

I just have to life coach myself right out of all that crap.

First off, my displeasure with travel has to do with limiting beliefs about myself. I mean I know I am a huge homebody but what I am manifesting in my life calls me to step outside my comfort zone and travel. 'Be bold Kathie', I hear my spirit guides telling me. And I will listen to that. It just may be tomorrow. ;)

As for my life coaching business I trust the Universe as my marketer. This is one of my mantras. But when I listen to those who say it is hard I start to put so much pressure on myself and I make it super important. Reality Transurfing teaches to decrease importance in order to manifest what I want. I am working on this. My Life Coaching Program sign up here.

Then there is my fitness. Since I started meditating 3 months ago I quit my fitness regimen. I just cannot get into a groove of hitting the gym. I mean I still hit the gym but not like I used to. Shame on me! More limiting beliefs setting in as well as self sabotage. WTF.

I can tell you why though. I meditate super early in the morning like between the hours of 1 and 4 am. I do this because the brain is in the best theta state during those hours. And I fall back to sleep after I meditate. The dreams are super duper awesome after I meditate. I do not want to wake up after that. So I am off track on my workouts.

I tell you all this so you will see we all fall into ruts. I will get out of this yes. I mean even this morning I almost sabotaged my day by skipping out on an important meeting this morning and telling myself I could just stay in bed. I did not do that by the way. Instead I went to the meeting and got inspired.

I listened to Lightworkers Lounge podcast on my way to the meeting and her podcast was a daily dairy about her life change going on right now. I was floored by her vulnerability and all she shared. I decided right then and there that was how I was going to do my blog. Even if just for today.

So that's how this blog post came about. I will continue with this and I may even start an email challenge where I write about my life experiences for 30 days so you can see that I really do learn by experience.

I have had some very shitty things happen to me. But I am coming to learn that those shitty things are truly blessings because they have lead me to my spiritual journey and my awakening. This is on-going by the way. And tomorrow will be different from today. Sometimes that is super cool and sometimes that is super shitty. But in the end it is just life.

As a Life Coach I hope to help as many people as I can just by being myself. That is my mission and my passion.

Feel free to reach out to me via email if you'd like. I answer to the best of my ability. Email:

Until Next Time, Much love!!! Kathie

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