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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

"Change the way you look at food and the food you fuel yourself with will change." -Trainer Kat

I greeted my early morning client this morning with a smile and I could tell he was reluctant to be at the gym. When this happens I know 99.9% of the time the culprit. My first question? What did you have for dinner? His answer, “Whataburger.” Of course, I thought. At least he didn’t lie to me. 😂

He said he slept poorly too. Of course, I thought. This was because of his food. As we spoke I found out he had a cheeseburger, fries, and the worst of all worst….a regular Coke. OMG! 😯No wonder he felt so bad. His excuse, he was short on time and was hungry and Whataburger was all that was open.

I had to explain to him, as many of my clients who have trouble with food, one simple solution, your food choices affect  how you perform and most importantly how you feel. A better choice would be to have a high protein snack on you at all times so you can eat that until you get  home, or are able to find a better option. What is a better option you ask? It would be to plan ahead first of all. And that plan would be, How are you going to fuel yourself? and that is what the blog post is about.

I once had a friend who leased a Lexus sports car. She was required by the lease contract to only put in the best, most expensive fuel in the car. This was because the car would run better and perform better with top quality fuel. Your body is much like this sports car, and really it is better than that. Don’t you want to fuel it with the best possible option? If you do you will feel so much better and you will also sleep better and perform better in whatever you do in life.

Your quality of life depends on how you fuel it.

I cannot go to a Whataburger or Sonic without smelling the grease. I can feel my arteries clogging through the aroma. I am being sarcastic but this is how I look at food like this. I am not saying that I don’t enjoy a cheeseburger every now and then either. There’s nothing wrong with that. But when I look at my schedule and see a grueling workout coming in the morning at 5 am I plan accordingly. I fuel myself with healthy, clean foods and I know I will sleep well and  be ready to perform at my best the next morning. Actually, the feel good feeling of fueling myself with healthy, clean foods drives me to eat healthy most of the time. My blog is full of articles on clean eating and food. I definitely do not DIET, it is a lifestyle.

I am 52 years young, I am probably in the best shape of my entire life. Next month will count one year of working out very consistently and a journey to the lifestyle of a personal trainer who practices what she preaches. Because I am 52 I can say that I may not look like a young spring chicken but I sure do feel like one. I have yet to hit menopause and I attribute this to my healthy lifestyle. I am proud of my age, my wrinkles, and all that comes with living on this planet as long as I have. I do not want to roll back the clock but I sure enjoy feeling my best at my age.

Diet and nutrition is 80% of your success in fitness, the other 20% happens in the gym. I love that 20% and while it is my favorite part I realize you cannot out train a bad diet. It’s all in the fuel.

How do you fuel yourself?

Supplements I use and  have used.

Have a healthy day! Kathie

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