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Have you ever had an issue with someone? Perhaps you are at the gym and someone is creeping you out and you want to give them a dirty look. Oh wait, that's what I felt the other day. Rather than messing up your vibe do this instead.

Find something you do like and focus on that until the bad vibe goes away. It could be their shoes, their shirt, or maybe something like their hair. It only has to be something small. Focus on that for 17 seconds and then expand on it by focusing more. Before long you will be out of that bad vibe and into a place of feeling better.

17 seconds is key. It is funny when you focus on something for 17 seconds it expands. Try it!

Ever been in an argument with someone and you dwell on it for hours or days? Find one thing you love about them and focus on that until the bad vibe goes away. This is especially effective for family members that you happen to be arguing with as there has to be one thing you love about them. I love my son's laugh. I am focusing on that right now. Ha, the bad feeling subsides and I actually find more things I love about him and before long I feel so much better and forget why we were fighting.....or more specifically I forget why I felt so badly.

This works with anything. Let's say you are stuck in traffic and you are frustrated. Look around you and find something you do like. It could be as small as a color that you notice. Or a bird you notice playing. Keep looking until your vibe is raised.

Until next time, much love, Kathie

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