Fear is a Liar

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Fear is a liar it activates the enemy.

Red Reddington on The Blacklist said “Fear is a liar. It activates the enemy.” When his cellmate asked him if he was afraid of his upcoming execution.

Simply put refuse to fear.

How often do we give in to fear rather than refuse it? Fear is simply a vibration and it is not our normal vibration and that is why it feels so horrible. If we stay in our natural, higher vibration we will refuse to fear.

It is so easy to give in to fear though. We ask these 6 questions and that sends us into the spiral of fear. It goes out of control. All of these questions lie, our human mind cannot answer these questions with accuracy.







Next time answer fear with:




Positive vibration.

These responses allow us to align with our Higher Self and actually respond with accuracy.

....and refuse to ask who? what? where? when? how? why?

Notice how quickly the fear leaves when you do this. Try it. If you are still in fear you are still in the lower vibration. Quit asking the questions and answer fear with faith, trust, patience and notice the return of the higher vibration - your natural state.

Then you will deactivate the enemy!

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