Enron Collapse and Reality Transurfing

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Enron sign outside old Enron building

From Reality Transurfing Chapter 4: The Induced Transition

Quote: Do not absorb negative information

".....The situation is compounded and bad news starts to come in from all sides. Prices rise and their company’s performance level drops. They discuss the problem with close friends and relatives and the conversations are usually of a destructive nature full of complaint, resentment and aggression towards the guilty party.

This can be particularly pronounced in companies where business is especially bad and the working day begins with the statement that “there’s no money coming in”, as solemnly as if it were a morning prayer. At this stage the person is totally gripped by the spiral and their energy attuned to the frequency of the destructive pendulum. Seeing that things are consistently getting worse they become stressed and anxious. Despite its relatively insignificant magnitude the pendulum can easily assimilate the energy of anxiety and so it becomes all the more audacious.

Because the adherent is so stressed they inevitably generate excess potential: discontent, aggression, depression, apathy, resentment and so on. As balanced forces connect with the pendulum the situation snowballs out of control. The fear they begin to experience drives them to distraction and things become frantic. It is as if someone has taken them by the hands, spun them round and round, only to let go abruptly making them fly off to one side. The poor adherent falls to the ground where they lie in a state of shock. The finale is not a pretty picture although it all started with just a few financial difficulties."

This describes what happened when Enron collapsed in 2007.

The spiral was out of control. It reached teachers, fire fighters, EMS, and police officers who had invested their entire retirement into the company and it was ALL LOST. The panic spread like wildfire. There were suicides by many people due to this total loss. The destructive pendulum that took place pulling people in and assimilating their energy.

I was touched by this personally. I used to work for an oil company (Metallgesellschaft) in the early 90s who went down in flames much like Enron. The whistle blower for Enron actually worked for Metallgesellschaft and I knew her personally. I also knew Jeff McMahon the sitting CFO after the collapse took place. Both Jeff and Sharon were interviewed by Congress. It was odd watching them on national television.

I have friends who lost their retirement due to the collapse.

The destructive pendulum here gripped the population of the people who had any experience with this.

The best way, and only way to deal with a destructive pendulum is just stand back, be an observer of the process, and take yourself out of the equation emotionally. The pendulum wants your energy and if you do not give it to it, you will be unaffected.

Perhaps you could say, "It is what it is." or "It is just money." However, you must mean it. Let go. It is a gift of detachment. Eventually that is what people had to do. Now, almost 13 years later, you will see that those who did not kill themselves had to do just that in some form or fashion.

My boyfriend was one of those people. His entire retirement from EMS was gone in a moment. Oh, he still gets prodded by the pendulum. He will say every once in a while, "I planned on being retired by the time I was 50. That won't happen." I do my best to just observe and listen. Hey, I've lost hundreds of thousands of dollars myself - and not from Enron or the oil business. I personally think I handle that pendulum very well because I refuse to dwell on it or talk about it.

I do my best to (as Vadim put it) 'Not absorb negative information.'

And that is my Reality Transurfing Tuesday information. I try my best to describe Reality Transurfing in real life terms. What are your thoughts on this? Have any questions. Drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, Much love, Kathie

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