Empowered Decision Making

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The very best decision you can make is one that empowers you. Sometimes we may encounter what seems to be a difficult decision because all the decisions can seem wrong and not the right way to go. However, there is a way to make empowered decisions every day. The secret is feeling good about it.

Let me explain with a story. Let's say you are you are trying to decide whether to attend a conference that costs a lot of money to you. Part of you wants to go but part of you says you cannot afford it right now. Both things sound bad but find the one that feels right. The best decision is one that empowers you and makes you feel good inside. The key is how can you feel good inside? Right now.

Take both options and go over them with yourself and see which one feels better.

If you decide to go decide that you will come up with the money somehow, some way and it will work out the way it is supposed to. If that feels good to you now, then go with it.

If you decide you cannot go because of finances and your budget then decide you will watch the seminar or read a book about that seminar topic.

Simply weigh the issues and find the one that feels best. It really is that simple. We just complicate things by coming up with excuses and attitudes. Remind yourself to do what feels best to you and go with it even if you have to find a way to feel good about it.

This is a concept of Reality Transurfing a book by Vadim Zeeland who is a quantum physicist and takes the law of attraction to a whole different level. And of Abraham Hicks, Law of Attraction channeled though Ester Hicks.

Trust the process and the Universe will provide what ever you feel. Feeling good is the key and empowers your decisions.

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