Dream of Loved Ones who Transition

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

I write today to share a dream a friend of mine had who's young sister transitioned just a few months ago. It was a tragic accident in which Harlee passed quickly.

It has been my experience that when our loved ones pass they contact us in our dreams to let us know they are okay. These dreams are unlike any other dream and you can sense a feeling of this during the dream.

I have heard countless experiences like this. One thing I want to mention is that these dreams only come once you have let go of all expectations and let go of how our human minds think things "should" be. Should is a dirty word ya know. ;) Force never works. Relax and trust....it will come!

Without further ado here is Haley's dream:

Sunday March 31, 2019 it was early morning time I woke up from the dream around 9am

My dream started off normal. I was walking down a sidewalk on the side of a random street. As I walked everything seemed dull. The only thing I can compare it to is gray, or black and white. There was no color at all. It was only me walking alone. It seemed like a long, lonely walk. But as I walked, I stumbled upon something even more amazing than I could ever imagine.

I started to see light coming from this glass looking house. It was bright and it lit up the whole street. As I walked closer I noticed this big, glass window. Inside of the first window sat Aunt Linda. She was glowing her skin looked radiant. Her hair was a dark brown. She was smiling and waving and she seemed so excited to see me. I smiled and waved back a really, big way.

I continued to walk and passed up the doorway. It was more like an open entrance not a doorway.

In the second glass window sat my Nanny and Pawpaw. I was in shock. I started to wave like crazy and so did they. We blew each other kisses as well. I got so excited. I wanted to walk in the entrance to see them. That is just what I tried to do. But at the entrance was my Aunt Linda. She was standing there to greet me with a huge hug. This hug was different than any other hug I have ever had. I could actually feel it in my bones. There was so much love in this hug that it felt unreal. It was like when she hugged me all my worries disappeared. She asked me to be sure to tell my sister Susie “I love her, and I miss her.” I told her that I would. I then asked, “Where is Harlee?” She answered and said, “ I can’t see her yet.” She then disappeared.

I look up and a young man is standing in front of me. He said, “Hi Haley!” I replied with a simple hello. This man looks so familiar and I know in my heart I know him. He resembles my uncle Darrin and cousin, Lane. In my heart I believe this is Chase, Lane’s twin brother who died at just 11 days old. He has dark colored hair. He appears very strong and handsome. And he has the best smile. He proceeds to tell me to follow him, so I do. He leads me down this pathway in this so-called glass house. I feel like we walked for a bit. But then I could see light and smelled fresh air and flowers. We walked up to these big beautiful arches and it looked like an entrance to a garden. We stood there for some time and I could see all kinds of people. Some people I knew like, Mama Kelly and Sierra. But there were others and I had no clue who they were. Some people looked like shadows or something like a silhouette. I wasn’t sure why.

Then at a distance I see Harlee walking along the pathway. This pathway went around a park and she was pushing a baby stroller. She came closer and closer and I could see her bright and shiny face. The smile on her face was priceless. She looked so beautiful and stress free. Her hair wasn’t dark black anymore. It was light golden brown long, and her skin looked pure and clean. Bright and shiny is the best way I can explain it. As she got closer Chase disappeared. And all of a sudden Mark and my mom were beside me, but they didn’t say a word. She looked at me and said, “Hey sis!” I said hey back. And we both said we missed each other and love each other.

While she is standing there, I look at the baby in the stroller, but the little face is blurred out. Along with the baby there are other kids running around her playing with her and jumping on her while we talk. But all their faces are blurred out too.

As we talk a young black boy appears and tells me, “I got her don’t worry.” He also proceeds to tell me they have been riding horses and having so much fun up here. We all laugh. Then, in that moment, he fades away.

Then it is just me and Harlee. She tells me, “You’re not being my sister. I need you to be my sister again.” I respond, “What? I just miss you Harlee!” She says, “I know, and I miss you too. But you need to get right and take care of your family.” I told her, “But I want to be here with you!” I reach out to touch her and she acts like I can’t do that and pulls away. And says, “NO! No Haley you still have time. I’m ok Haley. It is great here I have met so many people.” She reassures me that everything is ok. She is ok. And she looked happy, at peace, bright and shiny. We say we love each other one more time. Then Chase reappears and Harlee is gone. Chase leads me back down the pathway to the sidewalk and then says, “Ok Haley I’ll see you later!” Then he is gone. Everything disappears and I wake up.

Notes about the dream:

*In the dream the people and kids’ faces who I couldn’t make out I believe are souls who have not yet made it to heaven yet like they are still on earth…myself family my kids

*I was unable to enter the park with Harlee I was only allowed to stay at the entrance way and I only assume I wasn’t let into heaven yet. Like Harlee said its not my time yet.

*I also saw horses dogs cats cow all kinds of animals. Dynamite was there.

*I was only able to touch aunt Linda when she hugged me, and my assumption is that she may be my guardian angel.

*The black boy- My mom told me Harlee lost a friend he hung himself and Harlee struggled with that they were close.

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