Do You Need a Pre-workout?

Do you need a pre-workout with Kathie's Coaching

The simple answer to this question is no. And as always a disclaimer here is this is for informational purposes only and it is always best to seek advice from your doctor before introducing chemicals into your body.

Pre-workouts are a game changer in the fitness industry. I have been a trainer for a very long time so they were not out there in my first few years of training clients. However, I'd say since 2010 they have been taking charge and making the difference between a menial workout and a phenomenal workout. However, one must be very careful when introducing these stimulants into their program. Use caution, know your body, and seek advice of your physician.

Most pre-workouts contain 3 popular ingredients: (click on the ingredient to read a WebMD article about uses, side effects, interactions, dosage and warnings.)

1. Beta-alanine
2. Creatine
3. Caffiene

Some contain ingredients that give you extra muscle pumps and or extra focus. While these ingredients are awesome you'd be better off to know why are you taking them and what they do for you.

It is important to low dose the product to see what it does to your body at first. Once you understand the what and the how you will then, and only then, really benefit from the product.

To read about supplements I use and often recommend Click Here

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Do you use a pre-workout? If so what have you found that works for you?

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