Discipline in 3 Easy Steps

Don't sleep, discipline your mind

I love to sleep. No, seriously, I sleep like a rock and I enjoy sleeping. However, I am up at 5:30 am almost every morning so I can hit the gym. I end up feeling so grateful that I got up and did something very good for myself for the day. How do I do this? I cultivate discipline.

Your mind is very powerful. You can focus on the negative and create more negativity. Or you can focus on the positive and create more positivity in your life. You have the choice. Staying in bed would be the negative choice even though I love sleep. Or should I say my ego loves sleep. Cultivate discipline by remaining focused on the positive direction in life.

Three steps to cultivate discipline in your life:

1. Focus. What is the positive outcome for your situation? Focus on that. In my situation it is to focus on my fitness and how I will feel after my workout as opposed to focusing on sleeping in which is not necessarily the best benefit.

2. Control your mind. Your mind likes to play tricks on you. That is the ego. Once you realize this you are able to cultivate discipline. You are in control, not the ego. Realize the benefits of having discipline. You are not giving the ego what it wants. But you are doing what is best for you. You do this by controlling your mind.

3. Enjoy the benefits. Remind yourself of the benefit of having discipline. This can be done by writing down your goals. It takes work to attain those goals. It takes focus and control. In my case of sleep, I remind myself how good I felt the other day when I got out of bed and sucked it up. I am enjoying the life of having discipline and not letting my ego control the situation.

How do you cultivate discipline and enjoy the rewards?

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