Complaining is Not the Answer

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Complaining is not the answer with Kathie's Coaching

Have you ever met someone who does not complain? People who do not complain are the most pleasant people to be around. And when you quit complaining, even within, you will find peace.

Notice how often people complain. Complaining is prevalent in our world today. However, when you notice someone complaining, really pay attention, you will see why they are so unhappy. Complainers are not happy people. Oh they may say they believe in God and pray all the time but they do not “walk the walk they so freely talk.” Look deep enough at the complaints they make and you will see why they are disappointed with life and the things God is trying to show them.

Here are some things people complain about (in my world):

"It is too hot, too cold. I feel sick or tired. My feet hurt. My mom is sick. My coworkers ignore me. My daughter is on drugs. My daughter is not doing well enough in school. My son is ignoring me. My kids are driving me crazy. My car is broken. My job is too demanding. My husband is a pain in the butt. My parents are demanding. My parents are needy. I hate waking up early. I hate my job. I can’t stand so and so. She makes my job difficult. Is it Friday yet?....." I could go on and on.

Think for a minute how your life would look if you did not complain. The best remedy for complaining is gratitude. You can find gratitude in every situation, no matter how awful. This is the peace that passeth all understanding. (Philippians 4:7)

Autumn in Texas with Kathie's Coaching

Let me give you an example of a simple complaint I hear every fall down here in Houston, Texas. “We have no fall here. It is too hot during the fall. We have no fall foliage. I miss the fall colors.” The people who complain this complaint are many. I hear them all the time. However, they are so blind to what they are missing. On September 1st I can tell you from observation there is a change in the atmosphere that is undeniably fall. It happens every year without doubt. But you have to be very in tuned to notice it. The sun starts setting differently and the days begin to get shorter. It is not cool. Sometimes the temperature can still be in the high 90s for the entire month but the changes are so subtle. And because the atmosphere is changing so do the sounds as well as the shadows on the ground. I live in a town where the railroad is huge. There are train tracks everywhere in my town. The trains sound different in the fall because of the changes in the atmosphere. The shadows on the ground start to look differently. This is all because the sun is drifting farther away from us. Who notices this? Non-complainers and those who live in God’s grace. Not the ones who say they understand His word but still judge the world we live in as a bad place – or hot in the fall. 😂

This can apply to even the worst situation in your life. You can find the lesson in the darkness and give thanks to God that He put it there so you could find His peace that passeth all understanding. Afterall, that is probably what He is seeking to find from you but you are too caught up in your complaining to feel it.

I would say that non-complaining falls into non-resistance and also Victor. Try to live for a day without complaining. When you catch yourself complaining, forgive yourself, and a find a way to feel grateful. If you cannot find gratitude, you are either in victim or victimizer. Find it….feel the gifts of detachment.

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