Combat Menopause with Wellness

My book Combat Menopause with Wellness is coming soon. I have truly been inspired to share what I know about this topic with others because what I have learned can and will help others. I am 53.5 years old at the time of writing this blog and I am in peri-menopause but have ZERO symptoms of menopause. I still have my cycle like a 30 year old and feel fantastic actually. I am in the best shape of my life. My inspiration for writing this book is due to watching so many of my friends and clients suffer with the symptoms of menopause - irritability, hot flashes, irregular cycles, and weight gain. And not that I judge them for it, but that I know another way and I know it works.

As a Certified Fitness Trainer I must get continuing education to renew my certifications. I began to study every course I could about 50 somethings and fitness. I quickly found out that what I have been doing is the exact recipe to go through menopause quickly and more important quietly.

In a nutshell it comes down to 4 things you can control which will be elaborated on in my book. (The 5th thing is genetics.)

1. Cardiovascular exercise that consists of interval training. Not slow and steady state cardio either. I write about interval training all the time on here if you cannot wait for the book.

2. Strength training that consists of approximately 12-18 sets of strength training exercises per muscle group per week. Now that may sound like a lot to you but if you do SUPERSETS and about 4 sets per muscle group; and 4 supersets per exercise - you easily get in 2-3 muscle groups and about 16 sets each. If this sounds complicated don't worry I will break it down for you in my book. Or hire me ( to train you and we'll be on our way. Also to note here - it does not matter your fitness level - you can do this.

3. Watch your food intake. This does not mean diet. It means eat intuitively. Eat foods that are going to fuel your body and limit junk. Food is fuel. You want to fuel your fine car. You know the one car you own for a lifetime. And if you are nearing menopause or in menopause you are in between the ages of 40-60. Don't you want to fuel your body with foods that make you feel good? When you eat good you feel good.

4. Meditation and spiritual health. If you do not know by now - I AM SPIRITUAL! There I said it. We are on the planet at one of the best times ever because we are awakening to our Higher Selves. I started meditating daily for at least 45 minutes and I can tell you it has made a world of difference in my life. I have always had a dominant spiritual practice but this has taken it to a whole new level. More about this in my books and on my blog.

So coming soon - Combat Menopause with Wellness by Kathie Owen. I now have 2 books to write in the next couple of months. I have it all in my head, just need to jot it down on paper.

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