Combat Aging with Wellness

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Combat Aging with Wellness by Kathie's Coaching

There are 4 things you can control in relation to aging and wellness (The 5th thing is genetics - which you cannot control.)

1. Cardiovascular exercise that consists of interval training. Not slow and steady state cardio either. I write about interval training all the time on here.

The research indicates that, for optimal hormone health and functional ability, older- adult clients benefit from programs that include both cardiovascular and resistance training (see #2), particularly HIT (above lactate threshold), which appears to have the greatest impact. Intensity level is a key factor, with both heavy and moderate-intensity resistance training providing significant functional benefits, while low-intensity does not. That said, it should be noted that walking may greatly reduce one’s disability risk. In fact, walking 4–7 times per week can reduce the onset of disability by 50%–80% in older adults (Paterson & Warburton 2010).

As people age, most of them want to be active and independent and stay as functional as possible. Understanding the role of the underlying mechanisms of functional aging—specifically, the impact of physical activity on hormones—arms fitness professionals to help clients with their active aging goals.

2. Strength training that consists of approximately 12-18 sets of strength training exercises per muscle group per week. Now that may sound like a lot to you but if you do SUPER SETS and about 4 sets per muscle group; and 4 super sets per exercise - you easily get in 2-3 muscle groups and about 16 sets each. Or hire me ( to train you and we'll be on our way. Also to note here - it does not matter your fitness level - you can do this. If it has been a while since you exercised take it slow and easy at first. It won't take long to get fit.

3. Watch your food intake. This does not mean diet. It means eat intuitively. Eat foods that are going to fuel your body and limit junk. Food is fuel. You want to fuel your fine car. You know the one car you own for a lifetime. And if you are nearing menopause or in menopause you are in between the ages of 40-60. Don't you want to fuel your body with foods that make you feel good? When you eat good you feel good.

4. Meditation and spiritual health. If you do not know by now - I AM SPIRITUAL! There I said it. We are on the planet at one of the best times ever because we are awakening to our Higher Selves. I started meditating daily for at least 45 minutes and I can tell you it has made a world of difference in my life. I have always had a dominant spiritual practice but this has taken it to a whole new level.

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