Chest and Tris 10.13.17

Thanks to Steve Cook's informational post yesterday I had a great chest workout. I added triceps too as usual. This week I had 2 chest and triceps workouts, next week will be 2 back and biceps workouts. I usually do this so they get equal work.

I do supersets, which are 2 exercises back to back with at least a minute rest in between sets, especially towards the end. I ended with burnouts on the cable machine.

Warm up on bike 5 minutes

Superset 1: (4 sets) flat bench

Chest Press Single Arm Dumbbells - 20# (8-10 reps per arm)

Skull crushers with barbell 30# (10-15 reps)

Superset 2: (4 sets) incline bench

Chest Press single dumbbell close grip both hands 35# (10 reps)

Tricep Kickbacks single arm 15# (10 reps with 4 pops at top)

Superset 3: (4 sets) decline bench

Chest Press single arm dumbbells - 15# (8-10 reps per arm)

Overhead skull crushers with dumbbell 15# (10-12 reps)

Burnouts Cable Machine

Single arm pull across machine down low 2 sets (12-15 reps per arm)

Tricep pull downs with bar palms down and palms up (10 reps per grip back to back)

Stretch, stretch and stretch.

Supplements used:

Hot lemon - water first thing 1/2 lemon

Pre-workout - Mesomorph by APS in snow cone

BCAAs - intra-workout Scivation Xtend in fruit punch

Protein - Rule 1 Blended whey in Cake batter

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