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There is an intersection near my new house where it can be very difficult to get over because of the flow of traffic from the freeway and the flow of traffic leaving the shopping area. It can be a real mess. I wish they had a sign up where it said:

"Be nice to the flow of traffic. They will be out of your way soon."

Just the other day I had a gal get very angry when all I did was pull into her lane and quickly got over into the farther lane. Her reaction was actually quite humorous if you think about it. Remember I was quickly out of her way and the stop light was red so truly I did not affect her flow at all. She sure affected her flow though. lol

She started by honking at me. Then as I got out of her way she literally was hanging out of her car window flipping me off. Honey, I am out of your way. You are stopped at a light that you would have missed anyway. Really??!!

Seriously, think about this for a second. How many times do we get angry in traffic and blow things out of proportion. Are we being affected by a pendulum? Yes, absolutely. But we can also learn to observe and just watch the situation pan out. We don't waste energy that way.

Imagine how much energy this gal wasted. She reacted like I had just relentlessly run over her dog AND had a sign on the back of my car that said "F*ck you <insert her name> and the world hates your guts." All the while I was minding my own business and quickly out of her way.

How many times do we get angry at things and then look at it realistically and say, "oh they were quickly out of my way. That was not about me at all." Look what she might have missed in this situation. She might have missed something important in her podcast she was listening to. Oh no probably not. But she definitely wasted energy, no doubt about it.

This happens countless times at this intersection. It is at Highway 59 and Highway 99, in Sugar Land, TX. Just sayin....

Maybe one day there will be a sign there that says,

"Be nice to the flow of traffic. They will be out of your way soon."

Oh and add Namaste while you are at it!

Namaste. That is the sign I gave this gal. But she was way too mad to notice.

Like I always say, watch an argument: victim / victimizer. You cannot tell who is the fool.

How many times do we do this? Take time and adjust your attitude. You'll see the adjustment is worth it.

I will share this picture again. Where is the gal who was so angry on this chart? Where are you? Being aware is key!!! I can't stress that enough.

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