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Recently I had a good friend transition. His name is Bruce, he went to high school with me. I'd like to share a story about Bruce here so as to share with others.

Bruce passed away Saturday, July 20. He was 54 years young. He had sleep apnea and from what I understand he took a nap Saturday afternoon and passed away in his sleep.

On Friday, July 5th I had a dream about Bruce. I dreamed that he died. While that may sound morbid to some I found it to be an awesome gift. You see Bruce and I had not been friends on social media in quite some time. Bruce had his demons and he was not always the nicest person to be around due to his crazy, fun loving, sarcastic personality which sometimes came out on his posts to me which were not always kind. While I was sad, he had become someone I had to love at a distance.

That very day I had the dream I ran into Bruce in HEB (a local grocery store). I was so happy to see him because I had that dream and I was wondering how I would know how he was doing. I told him I just had a dream about him, but I did not tell him what I dreamed. Bruce looked great. While he had gained a few pounds he still looked healthy for his age. He seemed happy and he asked about my boys and dogs. He told me he was taking care of his parents now and living with them in my neighborhood that I recently moved to. He actually had steaks in hand as he was going home to grill for his parents. He told me about his nephews as well. I was so thankful to have that encounter because I got to see him one last time. I also looked at the encounter differently because I had that dream.

Bruce was super funny! I have so many funny stories about him that I will always cherish and remember with a smile and a giggle.

About 10 yeas ago Bruce and I tried dating for a few months. While that did not last long I was able to work with him and teach him some of the life lessons I learned. I taught him the Is That So? lesson. He used to call me and ask about it often. I also shared the book Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins. I cherish the fact that he knew that lesson and understood it.

Here is the Is That So? Lesson

....There is a story about a Zen Master named Hakuin who lived in a town in Japan. He was held in high regard and many people came to him for spiritual teaching. Then it happened that the teenage daughter of his next-door neighbor became pregnant. When being questioned by her angry and scolding parents as to the identity of the father, she finally told them that the father was Hakuin, the Zen Master. In great anger the parents rushed over to Hakuin and told him with much shouting and accusing that their daughter had confessed that he was the father. All that he replied was, “Is that so?”

News of the scandal spread throughout the town and beyond and the Master lost his reputation. This did not trouble him. Nobody came to see him anymore. He remained unmoved. When the child was born, the parents brought the baby to Hakuin saying, “You are the father, so you look after him.” The Master took loving care of the child. A year later, the mother remorsefully confessed to her parents that the real father of the child was the young man who worked at the butcher shop. In great distress they went to see Hakuin to apologize and ask forgiveness. “We are really sorry. We have come to take the baby back. Our daughter confessed that you are not the father.” “Is that so?” is all Hakuin would say as handed the baby over to them.

The Master responds to falsehood and truths, bad news and good news, in exactly the same way: “Is that so?” He allows the form of the moment, good or bad, to be as it is. Events are not personalized. He is nobody’s victim. He is so completely at one with what happens that what happens has no power over him anymore. Only if you resist what happens are you truly at the mercy of what happens, and the world will determine your happiness and unhappiness. The baby is looked after with loving care. Nonresistance is very powerful and so-called “bad” turns into so-called “good” through the power of nonresistance. Always responding to what present moment requires, Hakuin lets go of the baby when it is time to do so......

RIP Bruce "Word!"

Much love, Kathie

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