Biggest Loser Trainer has Heart Attack

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

This post was published in July 2017...

“Bob Haper had a heart attack, he was fit, why bother with getting fit, when it’s your time to go it’s your time to go.” Nothing infuriates me more and this is just one of the many comments out there on social media!! I am quite sure there is more to this story than we will ever know.

First of all google “Bob Harper and drug use” you will find he is the main affiliate in the drug use scandal on the show the Biggest Loser back in 2016, which however, we hear nothing about now. Can you say swept under the rug?! Um,,,, the contestants claim that they were given, “Adderall and ‘yellow jackets’ — pills that contain ephedra extract. Ephedra is used to promote weight loss and boost energy, and was banned by the FDA in 2004.” This taken from the New York Post article on the scandal that rocks the Biggest Loser. Click Here to read that article now. ****Ephedra extract will damage the heart.**** There is no doubt about it. Now I am not saying Bob Harper used diet pills but if he asked his clients to do this who knows what he would do for himself?! Continue reading…..

Now google “Jillian Michaels and drug use“. You get a little bit different side of the story. It looks like she was accused of giving clients performance enhancing drugs at one time. However, please note that she eventually quit the show because she and the producers could not “find common ground.” I already knew I loved her training philosophy (for the most part). Granted we will never know the true details due to contract restrictions but the trainer in me reads through the lines. She has outright said one of the “winners” actually lost too much weight. I applaud her and some parts of her methods of training - for the most part. (the jury is still out on this one!)

Back to Bob….ugh the guy infuriates me. I remember one time Jillian was promoting the use of psychology to help her clients. Bob was so against that! Really Bob? 99.9% of people who are on that show or have excessive weight gain have psychological issues that need to be addressed in order to move forward. But go ahead and use your strategies!

I can almost guarantee the guy used some type(s) of drugs and supplements that worked against his heart disease. Let’s look at the “natural” supplements we fitness gurus use.

· Pre-workouts and creatine supplements. Serious guy pre-workouts contain a ton of caffeine and creatine. Both are very bad for your heart and not natural in the high doses you can get today. They also contain warnings on the packages stating that if you have heart conditions be sure to see your physician or do not use at all. Also note some of the OTC supplements are banned in NCAA and professional sports…um……..FOR A REASON!!!

Now let’s look at two of many steroids/performance enhancing drugs that can be used to create the body of that fitness guru, Bob Harper.

Testosterone has been shown to enlarge muscles and the heart is a muscle. It can and does damage the heart. “Recent studies suggest a link between testosterone therapy and an increased risk in heart disease. … Currently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating the risk of stroke, heart attack and death in men taking FDA-approved testosterone products.” Taken from

· Human Growth Hormone: Testifying before the U.S. House of Representatives Government Reform Committee on behalf of The Endocrine Society, Dr. Alan Rogol outlined the legitimate medical uses of HGH and the serious health consequences surrounding its abuse by athletes, celebrities, and those hoping to find a way to combat the effects of aging. Dr. Rogol stated, “At higher HGH dosages, it is possible to achieve levels similar to those found in the endocrine disease acromegaly, which is caused by too much growth hormone in the body. This condition can lead to severe muscle weakness and even heart disease.”

I don’t even need to address recreational drugs like cocaine which is used as a stimulant and is extremely addictive.

On a personal note, I am 51 years old, actually 2 months older than Bob, and have heart disease deep in my genetics. I have been a Certified Fitness Trainer since 2002. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in 2008 and my cause was stress, but also genetic. Heart disease runs rampant in my family (father’s side has multiple instances). My father had quadruple bypass surgery in 1995. He has since turned his health around and keeps a close eye on his cardiovascular system. Because of this he has had no further issues and at 80 years old is fit as a fiddle.

As for me, I keep a close eye on my cardiovascular condition as anyone with that genetic predisposal should. There are so many great medications out there and my doctor and myself keep a close eye on my blood pressure and heart.

I have never been in better shape in my life and I am 51 years old!!! I know for a fact that you can control heart disease and keep it at bay with diet and exercise. I will debate that to the very end.

Did I mention that the show barely ever mentioned heart rate and cardio exercise? Um……hello?! this is so super important and everyone exercising should know you should never exceed 220bpm minus your age. But that is all over MY blog!

Cancer on the other hand is not easily combated and a different genetic topic.

I honestly believe there is more to this story than we will know. Do not view Bob as a fitness expert because he “looks” fit and “acts” like a personal trainer. He is in show business for a reason and to me, it is obvious. There are other factors to look at here.

Have a healthy day!

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