Being a Sports Fan and Reality Transurfing

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Houston Astros and Kathie's Coaching

If you know me personally, you know I love the Houston Astros!! I was raised watching baseball and I truly love the sport. My personal photo that is my brand, is from one of my favorite days of my life and that is the parade day from the 2017 World Series Championship honoring the Houston Astros!!

As I said I grew up watching the Astros with my dad and my brothers. Both of my sons now love the team as well. The Astros have always been the underdog. So for us to win the World Series was paramount! It was the first time ever for us. This year (2019) we finished the season with the best record in baseball and set team records and made history like never before. It has been phenomenal. And an absolute joy to watch.

Tomorrow we enter the playoffs and we will play the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I am so excited and seriously looking forward to watching this team play ball.

However, I must say since finding Reality Transurfing in March of this year I have learned how to be a fan of the game without making it important.

Transurfing and Sports Fans

Take this quote for example: "The greatest skill of all is to enjoy without attachment to the cause of your joy." -Vadim Zeland Reality Transurfing I-IV

I watch the game but do not get attached to the team winning everything or going all the way. I enjoy watching the game and watching my team play like kids. I stay focused on the moment and do not let it affect my life as that is making it too important.

Transurfing and Sports Fans

And then there is this quote which I love: "Too much outer importance breeds fanatics. Too much inner importance breeds idiots." -Vadim Zeland Reality Transurfing I-IV

"Too much outer importance breeds fanatics." So when someone says their team is definitely the best (and I know many Yankees fans like this 🤣), they are becoming a fanatic and making it so important that they are the very best. We all know it won't always be like this. In the end there is only one winner per season and there are then 29 losers. What? That doesn't make sense!

We are all winners if you take away outer importance. Bottom line!

"Too much inner importance breeds idiots." This can be said about the person who is so strongly identified with his team that it makes it all about him. It is as if the announcer is saying, "Kathie lost the game, it is all her fault!" Now that is idiotic and not true. Kathie is a winner if you take away inner importance. 😁

And that my friends, is how you love your team as a Transurfer. It is not all about me! I am not THAT important, neither are the Astros, or the Yankees for that matter. Simply enjoy the game without attachment to the outcome!!

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