Attitude is Everything

"My work is my play and my play is my work." -from YouTube YouAreCreators

I was listening to YouAreCreators yesterday on YouTube and he said this powerful affirmation. He is right. Want to know something funny? This video was about rest and how important rest is to rejuvenate your energy. You will find if your work is your play then all things fall into place, rest included. Here is a link to his video: How to Get Paid to Play!

You may say, "Okay Kathie but I hate my 9-5 job. How can I find that to be play?" Well that is a great question and I have a very direct answer for you - It is all in your attitude.

I find a general theme around my idea for my blog posts and this morning I was listening to Aaron Doughty talk about this very thing. Aaron used to work 9-5 before he made it big on YouTube. He used to sell women's shoes. He would go in with the attitude of "ugh, I have to do this again?" However, he started playing a game with his attitude, an experiment of sorts, and everything then became play.

He would alter his attitude and the words he was saying to himself first thing in the morning. He was paid on commission and that meant he had to sell to make money. He found when he shifted his attitude he performed at a much higher level and then things began to get fun.

So if you are in that 9-5 rat race then find a way to switch your attitude and you will find things change. Your "work" will become your play.

Today is Good Friday, usually a holiday. This morning while breezing through my social media I saw a friend post, "Who else has to work today?'" OMG! Really? Can you see the error in his/her attitude? I mean having to go work is the wrong choice of words to start with. I get that you may not like your job. But you can do what Aaron did and switch things around. Play a game with the Universe. Do an experiment of your own.

The key is, and I am going to let you in on a big secret, Raise. Your. Vibration. How do I do that you ask? Look at this picture and the one at the bottom of the page. See what feelings you are feeling at the time. If you are feeling fear or anger, find a vibration you want to feel on this chart. See what emotions that entails....try feeling that emotion. Or experiment on what you can do to feel that emotion of power. Make your work your play.

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Until next time, much love!! Kathie

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